Cultivation of Cannabis, Coca & Opium

Source: UNODC World Drug Report 2018 (2018)

Country Opium Coca Cannabis
Afghanistan yes (2017) no no
Albania no no yes (2017)
Armenia no no yes (2015)
Austria no no yes (2015)
Belgium no no yes (2015)
Bolivia no yes (2017) no
Bosnia and Herzegovina no no yes (2015)
Bulgaria no no yes (2015)
Colombia yes (2017) yes (2017) no
Costa Rica no no yes (2015)
Czech Republic no no yes (2015)
Ecuador no yes (2015) yes (2015)
Egypt yes (2015) no yes (2015)
Germany no no yes (2015)
Ghana no no yes (2016)
Greece yes (2015) no yes (2015)
Guatemala yes (2017) no yes (2017)
Guyana no no yes (2015)
India no no yes (2017)
Indonesia no no yes (2015)
Jamaica no no yes (2016)
Kazakhstan yes (2015) no yes (2015)
Kenya no no yes (2015)
Kyrgyzstan no no yes (2016)
Laos yes (2017) no no
Latvia no no yes (2015)
Lebanon no no yes (2016)
Lithuania no no yes (2015)
Madagascar no no yes (2015)
Mexico yes (2017) no no
Morocco no no yes (2016)
Mozambique no no yes (2016)
Myanmar yes (2017) no no
Nepal no no yes (2016)
Netherlands no no yes (2016)
Nigeria no no yes (2016)
Pakistan yes (2016) no yes (2016)
Paraguay no no yes (2017)
Peru no yes (2017) no
Philippines no no yes (2017)
Poland no no yes (2015)
Romania no no yes (2015)
Russia yes (2015) no yes (2015)
Spain no no yes (2015)
Swaziland no no yes (2016)
Sweden no no yes (2015)
Switzerland no no yes (2015)
Tajikistan no no yes (2017)
Trinidad and Tobago no no yes (2015)
Ukraine yes (2015) no yes (2015)
United States of America no no yes (2016)
Uzbekistan no no yes (2015)
Vietnam yes (2015) no yes (2015)

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