This map layer shows the military expenditures in 2017 for all available countries in billion US dollars, classified in five categories.

Example of how to read the map:

In 2017, the United States have spent US $609,76 billion on arms. The graphic shows the five countries with the highest and the five countries with the lowest military expenditures for 2017 in billions of US dollars.


  • SIPRI - Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

The open-access Military Expenditures Database by SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace and Research Institute) provides latest data on defense expenditures worldwide. The current data, published in 2018, is calculated for the base year 2017 in US-Dollar. Basically, official documents of the respective governments, reports of the UN or NATO or secondary sources like magazines or newspapers are consulted for the annual data. Furthermore, SIPRI carries out its own surveys to complete the data. Since national defense expenditures can be transferred to non-scheduled budgets, they can be difficult to quantify. Hence, SIPRI sometimes reaches its limit with regard to the completeness of the data.


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Data tables

For some select map layers, the information portal ‘War and Peace’ provides the user with all used data sets as tables.

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Country portraits

In the country reports, data and information are collected by country and put into tables that are used in the modules as a basis for maps and illustrations.

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Navigation and operation

The information and data of each module are primarily made available as selectable map layers and are complemented by texts and graphs. The map layers can be found on the right hand side and are listed according to themes and sub-themes.

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