This map layer shows which of the five selected countries has been the main exporting country for heavy weapons systems since 1992.

Example of how to read the map:

Algeria has received the highest number of heavy weapons systems from Russia.


  • UNODA - United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs

    UNODA is an office of the United Nations Secretariat. The General Assembly calls upon all members of the United Nations to present an annual report about their imports and exports of weapons. UNODA, since mid-2011, has published an online overview that is based on these country reports—the Global Reported Arms Trade. The following weapons fall under the category of heavy weapons systems: Tanks, helicopters, combat aircraft, submarines, warships, rockets and rocket launchers. They are defined as larger machines that can be used in immediate combat and integrate various military needs (movement, firepower, etc.) into one system. The main exporting countries of heavy weapons systems are Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia and the United States.


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