This map layer shows the possession of biological weapons in four categories for 2018.

Example of how to read the map:

In 2018, it was possible that Russia was in possession of biological weapons.


  • CNS - James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

    CNS was founded in 1989 by Dr William Potter in the United States. The CNS strives to combat the spread of weapons of mass destruction by training nonproliferation specialists worldwide. The research programme is about chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction, the drawing up of guidelines, disarmament in East-Asia, new emerging states and an education programme on disarmament. Part of its mission is to establish a worldwide network of disarmament experts. It publishes on all topics of weapons of mass destruction as well as on disarmament and terrorism.
    The CNS has collected data for a global data set on chemical and biological weapons that was last updated in 2008 and which is based on a large variety of publicly accessible official and unofficial individual sources and documents.

  • Arms Control Association

    The Arms Control Association was founded in 1971 and has its seat in Washington, DC, United States. It is a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting public understanding of and support for effective arms control policies and agreements. The organization provides policy-makers, the press and the interested public with regular publications and education programmes, through interviews, analyses and commentaries. The so-called Fact Sheets provide a basic overview of key agreements and issues of arms control, such as nuclear disarmament, or current nuclear negotiations.


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For some select map layers, the information portal ‘War and Peace’ provides the user with all used data sets as tables.

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In the country reports, data and information are collected by country and put into tables that are used in the modules as a basis for maps and illustrations.

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