This map layer line presents the timeline of UN-mandated missions for the years 1946 to 2018, classified in 13 categories, which is a combination of the categories peacebuilding, peacekeeping, peacebuilding and peacekeeping, multi-dimensional peacebuilding, multi-dimensional peacebuilding and peace enforcement, UN transitional administration.

Example of how to read the map:

Slider position: year 1997: In 1997, there were three multidimensional peacebuilding missions, namely UNSMIH, UNTMIH and MIPONUH.

The shown graph shows the longest-ongoing UN missions in years (up to 31 January 2016).


  • UN DPA - United Nations Department of Political Affairs

    The UN DPA co-ordinates and administers political operations and peacebuilding support offices that work towards conflict prevention, measures to promote peace and post-conflict peacebuilding in Africa, Central Asia and in the Middle East. It lists data on current peace operations under the aegis of the DPA.

  • UN DPKO - United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations

    On behalf of the UN Secretary General, the DPKO leads the peace forces of Member Countries during monitoring missions and peace operations. On the websites of UN DPKO one can find data on past and current peace operations.

  • CIC - New York University Center on International Cooperation

    The CIC is affiliated with the University of New York. In close co-operation with the United Nations, the CIC gives an overview of peace operations worldwide on an annual basis. In 2013, it published a review of Political Missions that gives an overview of civilian deployments of various actors.


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