Resource conflicts

Resource conflicts can occur both internationally and nationally. On the one hand, there are interstate resource-related conflicts where two (or more) states claim ownership over a resource-rich territory. On the other, there are intra-state resource-related conflicts where one rebel or secession movement threatens a state over a resource-rich territory.

Here, it becomes clear: So-called conflict resources can be both means of financing a war and motive for or cause of a violent conflict. According to the definition of the NGO Global Witness, "Conflict resources are natural resources whose systematic exploitation and trade in a context of conflict contribute to, benefit from or result in the commission of serious violations of human rights, violations of international humanitarian law or violations amounting to crimes under international law."

Countries that are rich in resources are prone to experiencing the 'resource curse' as many countries with large deposits of natural resources are characterized by weak governance and economic instability. As a consequence, resource-rich countries will be more prone to crises and conflicts.

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